When does Tarkov’s Escape from New Year’s Twitch drop event start?

At the end of 2021, Battlestate is preparing to air in the new year by giving Escape from Tarkov players in the game quit watching Twitch.

Twitch rewards will go to players who have followed any streamer in Escape from Tarkov directory on the platform. Players will receive in-game items that range from weapons and equipment to many other rare items. According to a Battlestate statement, those discounts will be shipped out “for certain periods of time.”

Any channel is allowed to join the event on the first day and help other players get rewards by streaming in EFT on Twitch who owns a copy of the game.

On certain other days of the event, only specific streamers will experience a drop in activity on their channel.

Escape from TarkovNew Year’s event will begin next Tuesday, December 28 and run through January 8. That gives players 12 days to earn in-game perks, just hold. EFT open on your computer.

Those who want to participate in this event need to own the game and connect a Twitch account with Escape from Tarkov file.

https://dotesports.com/streaming/news/when-does-escape-from-tarkovs-new-year-twitch-drop-event-start When does Tarkov’s Escape from New Year’s Twitch drop event start?

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