The best eSports organizations of 2021

In 2021, as esports fans see crowds at live events begin to return, the continued rise of VALUABLE, the triumphant return of CS GO and Halo majors and broke multiple viewership and total prize records across several games.

Several prominent organizations in the field of e-sports have also had landmark years. In this list, we’ll look at the organizations that have been most successful or have made the most strides in 2021.


Image via Riot Games

Prior to 2021, the Sentinels were not a major e-sports entity other than content creators and battle royals. For a while, their biggest name was Fortnite World Cup champion Bugha and streamer xQc. In 2020, they signed a VALUABLE The roster has shown real promise, but it won’t be until 2021 and the acquisition of TenZ from Cloud9 when that promise becomes the potential of the dynasty.

Sentinels’ VALUABLE the team returned to NA Masters One and VCT Masters Two, dominating domestic and international tournaments at the highest level of the game. Additionally, the organization leans heavily towards their new villain role, and as a result, their Twitter follower count increased from 100,000 to 500,000 during the year. Although VALUABLE disappointing end to the squad in the Champions, the team is still set to achieve sustained success and the organization is looking to dominate a new landscape after signing is said to be the greatest Halo all time list.

Natus Vincere

Pictures via PGL

Na’Vi compete on several e-sports, but over the past few years their top show has been CS GO assignment. And in 2021, they CS GO Not only did the lineup have their most successful year to date, they may have put together one of the greatest Fights back of any team.

Finally Superstar s1mple and his Na’Vi teammates claim the elusive Major trophy they are looking for, but they also fill their trophy cabinet with an impressive collection of top league hardware. They also fill their pockets, set The record for the most bonuses earned in a year by a CS GO team ever. The roster is also young overall and could continue to dominate for a while. Also, Na’Vi is jumping into new shooters like VALUABLE and Halo.


Image via Cloud9.

Nothing says success like winning multiple titles throughout the year. Cloud9 has built one of the larger trophy cabinets over the years, one that includes CS GO Great title, one Missile Federation title, one Overwatch League championships through the London Spitfire, and several North American LCS titles among others.

In 2021, they added another NA LCS title to their collection, three different VCT NA Game Changers titles with their female counterparts. VALUABLE list, and round the year with Halo Infinite title from the HCS Kickoff Major in Raleigh. After 10 tries, C9 Mango finally won the Smash Summit trophy, perhaps cementing his position as Melee combat GOAT. their men VALUABLE The roster has also gone further in the VCT Champions than any other NA team.

Honorable mention

  • Acend: Win the VCT, become the first official VALORANWorld Championship match. Also entered Halo Infinite with one of the best list of EU.
  • Teamwork: Gain Dota 2 International Championship (TI10).
  • Edward Gaming: Champion in 2021 League of Legends World Championship.
  • Waitress in pajamas: Won the Six Invitational and finished second at the Six Swedish Major. Added dev1ce superstar to it CS GO assignment table. Obtain an LPL position in 2022. The best eSports organizations of 2021

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