Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood

BioWare’s reputation is built on the success of beloved RPGs, from the sci-fi story of Block effect to the fantasy world of Dragon Age. Sega, meanwhile, is known largely for Sonic the Hedgehog, has been providing high speed to the platform since the early 1990s. As distinct as these works and studios are known, they have merged once. Those who owned a Nintendo DS in the late 2000s might remember Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood, a turn-based role-playing game developed by BioWare and published by Sega starring Sonic the Hedgehog cast.


Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood is a strange title in retrospect. It doesn’t just take Sonic the Hedgehog into another category; it’s poised to become its own sub-franchise with a deeper collaboration between Sega and BioWare. It also involves some unseen characters in Sonic the Hedgehog franchise since. Upcoming Sonic Frontiers looks like it will be a bit more experimental with Sonic recipe, this is a great time to reflect on games like Sonic Chronicles that also tried something new with Sega’s iconic cast of characters.

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Sonic Chronicles’ storyline and gameplay

As with many Sonic Game, Sonic Chronicles revolve around Chaos Emeralds. When the Emeralds and Knuckles go missing, Sonic and Tails go looking for them. In addition to reuniting with Knuckles and eventually teaming up with others like Rouge the Bat and Dr. Eggman, Sonic and company also discover a new echidna named Shade from an alternate reality known as the Twilight Cage. This world contains an alien society of beings called the Nocturnus Clan, as well as a villainous leader named Imperator Ix who wants to conquer Earth. Sonic reclaims the Chaos Emeralds and defeats Ix, only to find out that Eggman is back in charge in the team’s absence, ending the game on a spoiler.

Like many Nintendo DS games, Sonic Chronicles use multiple touch screens; players explore and interact with the world using it. While exploring, the player must solve puzzles using the unique abilities of each playable character, from flying to climbing mountains. Turn-based combat is the core component of Sonic Chronicles. Each character has special attacks called POW Moves that consume POW Points and become stronger if the player taps the screen appropriately. Team members can also team up to perform more powerful special attacks.

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Experiment with Sonic Formula

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Sonic Chronicles was not universally acclaimed, but critics still noted that Sonic did well in the RPG formula. Unfortunately, perhaps there is no hope for a Sonic Chronicles saga. Soon after the game was released, Sega was sued by Sonic the Hedgehog comic book writer Ken Penders, who argued that the Nocturnus Clan had infringed his copyright to the Dark Legion, a similar echidna-related group he had created in the comics. Which means that although Shade the Echidna has earned some fans, she and the rest of the Sonic Chronicles‘new character’ maybe no future.

However, even if Sonic Chronicles since a series fades over time, Sega’s willingness to try something new in this article is greatly appreciated. With the “open space” design and mysterious new context, Sonic Frontiers spiritual channel of Sonic Chronicles without necessarily using its story or mechanics. Sonic the Hedgehog watched a lot of games with experimental mechanics in the past, but Sonic Frontiers has the potential to be something completely unique. Even if Sega and BioWare’s Sonic a thing of the past, Sega was still able to harness the principles behind that game to power the franchise’s next projects.

Sonic Chronicles: The Dark Brotherhood Released in 2008 for the Nintendo DS.

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