Fans are mercilessly mocking ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ NFTs

When Sony and AMC Theater announced their participation in the NFTs for Spider-Man: There’s no way home In early December, you can feel an avalanche coming. To be fair, the NFT game backfired with fans, and they didn’t shy away from the mockery.

Yarn starts with a message by Sony Theater and AMC at the end of November, with ticket reservations for There’s no way home. For fans who purchased tickets for the blockbuster’s premiere date, they will receive one of 86,000 non-fungible tokens – the number has since grown to 90,000.

Former AMC Theater became one of the first to accept cryptocurrency as a way buy tickets, food and drinks in the cinema.

The internet is so far having a field day with Spider-Man NFT memes, and you might enjoy watching it.

The reaction to the NFT certainly seems to be on par with that of course, as the new adult/crypto trading card version continues to soar. The Spiderman NFT isn’t even the first to be linked to Marvel after the comic company announced last month a series of NFT “empowering women” (also falling like a fart in a space suit).

On the bright side of AMC, while the NFT causes ridicule, Spider-Man: There’s no way home potential saved the theater chain from its demise.

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