Every World in the Realm is Franchise (And KH4 People Should Have)

From the beginning, Heart Kingdom has been a fascinating Disney discovery. Presented as a cross between Disney and Square Enix properties, Heart Kingdom has been delighting fans for two decades with plenty of nostalgic fan service. Combined with its own original flavor, Heart Kingdom The series has built an iconic scene where few other franchises can make a candle.

Kingdom Hearts 3 stops at a point where the story can go to entirely new locations. Fans are excited about the ability to refresh settings, like Heart Kingdom always finds a way to make its world memorable. A lot of people hope Marvel Comics or Star Wars the world will appear in Kingdom Hearts 4, but there are plenty of other worlds that could appear or return in a new way.


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Worlds introduced in Kingdom Hearts 1

heart kingdom logo hd 1.5 passing through town

Kingdom Hearts 1 started the franchise strong with a bunch of original and Disney worlds, almost all of which have appeared in future games. It’s a great base to build on for future titles.

  • Dive to the heart
  • Islands of Destiny
  • Traverse Town
  • Wonderland
  • Forest
  • Olympus Arena
  • Agrabah
  • Monstro
  • Atlantica
  • Halloween town
  • mythical land
  • 100 acres of wood
  • Empty Bastion
  • Doomsday

In addition to Deep Jungle and End of the World, each world in the first game appears in other titles. Even Monstro appears as the boss of Mirage Arena in Born with sleep. Olympus has become an important world for Heart Kingdom series, although it KH3 the incarnation loses the iconic Coliseum.

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Worlds introduced in the Chain of Memories

Land Departure Host Ventus 13 profound lore

Chain of memories introduces no new worlds other than Castle Oblivion, which holds many of Sora’s memories KH1 world can be brought to life. Turns out the Castle is more than just a facility of Organization 13, as it was the ruined Land of Departure that was turned into a labyrinthine fortress by Aqua. She reverted its transformation in KH3 to rescue Ventus, so it’s unlikely that Castle Oblivion will appear again.

Worlds introduced in Kingdom Hearts 2

Kingdom Hearts 2 Mickey River Timeless River

Kingdom Hearts 2 is another signature entry of the franchise that has introduced many worlds. There are a large number of duplicates with Kingdom Hearts 1 and Chain of memories, but what the world is recycling mostly has been taken in new directions.

  • Twilight Town
  • Mystery Tower
  • Radiant Garden
  • Land of Dragons
  • Castle of the Beast
  • Disney Castle
  • River of Time
  • Space Paranoids
  • Royal Gate
  • Proud land
  • Unprecedented World
  • End of the sea

More than enough has been done with Disney movie worlds across KH2are many visits that they don’t necessarily come back for. Revisiting the concept of Timeless River would be great, but KH4Your new installation might be better suited for an alternate version featuring Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.

Worlds introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep

Review of Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep Snow White

Born with sleep It also repeats some worlds, but it will do its best to fill in some of the gaps left by other games. Specifically, BBS The final shows the world of the Princesses of Hearts, who have not been used up in previous entries.

  • Land of Departure
  • Mirage Arena
  • Enchanted Dominion
  • Castle of Dreams
  • Dwarven Forest
  • Disney Town
  • Deep space
  • Keyblade Graveyard
  • Shadow Kingdom

Several worlds have been thoroughly explored, notably the Keyblade Graveyard and the Realm of Darkness. The Mirage Arena Multiplayer Optional currently an interesting idea that could be brought back in future games, but that depends on Square Enix.

Worlds introduced in Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance

Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Hands On

Dream drop distance there are less worlds overall, but it takes a lot of effort to make them unique and work with Flowmotion.

  • La Cite des Cloches
  • Prankster’s Heaven
  • Iron net
  • The Land of Musketeers
  • Symphony of Sorcery

Settings to focus on sleep of KH3D allows for a unique interpretation of the existing world. General Disney Castle settings of previous games are replaced with Three Musketeers, a suitable Fantasia the final story is used after Yen Sid and Chernobog have been around for many years, Treasure Island is the focus of Prankster’s Paradise instead of Monstro, and The Grid adapts the story. Tron: Legacy instead of the original Tron. Such a reinterpretation should be how future returning worlds are treated, even if Kingdom Hearts 4 use most of the new worlds.

Worlds introduced in Kingdom Hearts Cross

lauriam strelitzia dawn town suburbs grasslands

Daybreak Town is the only new world introduced in Kingdom Hearts Cross, and act as the base of the player’s activity. It appeared again in Union Cross as a digital copy and serve the same purpose. The world is destroyed at the end of the story, so it is unlikely to be seen again.

Worlds introduced in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross


The only new world in Kingdom Hearts Union Cross is Game Central Station, especially due to its unusual format. This world adapts the plot of the first part Muscled man movies, and thus the hub for a number of smaller worlds. These worlds are Niceland, Cy-Bug Sector, and Candy Kingdom, which adapt the individual game worlds from the movie. This is an exciting format for a world that will return, and would also be great to see Kingdom Hearts 4 give Muscled man a 3D adaptation.

Worlds introduced in Kingdom Hearts 3

kingdom of hearts 3 caribbean jack sparrow sora silly donald

While it held a few places back, Kingdom Hearts 3 Arm yourself with a powerful collection of Disney and Pixar worlds.

  • Olympus
  • Toy box
  • Kingdom of Corona
  • Monstropolis
  • Arendelle
  • The Caribbean
  • San Fransokyo
  • The Last World
  • Scala ad Caelum
  • Quadratum

Where are you reviewing? Kingdom Hearts 3 ending, there is little doubt that Quadratum will be the main world center in the next part Heart Kingdom. The final world will probably be settled at least once more when the heroes have an easy way to navigate there. The rest of the KH3The world of worlds has been thoroughly explored, but that doesn’t mean many of Disney Pixar’s contemporary productions can’t appear in the movie. Kingdom Hearts 4.

In addition to the suggested worlds, The Princess and the Frog would be a great “classic” addition to KH4. MoanaMotunui’s could serve as an overwater world in the same vein as the Caribbean, but with a much smaller boat. Coco and Raya and the last dragon both have visually inspired worlds that are ripe to explore and would be great to see Light year adjusted as a partner with KH3‘S Toy Story world. Some older Disney works like Robin Hood hero and The Black Cauldron will also be great additions and a lot of fans are getting ready to have a world based on other Square Enix properties. Kingdom Hearts 4 full of possibilitiesand the community hopes to know what that is whenever the news drops.

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