Every time fate gets banned from Twitch and why

While live streaming used to be a limited form of entertainment, many streamers are now earning viable income from platforms like Twitch and YouTube. Destiny is one such person, streaming over the past decade. Unfortunately, streaming on Twitch often comes with strict rules and consequences in the form of opaque bans.

Despite her success, Destiny’s life as a Twitch Partner is not always sunshine and rainbow. His hostility towards some people, especially those with whom he disagrees, makes him a divisive figure in certain communities, but some acts of disobedience. His care has cost him part of the revenue due to the ban.


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Who is Destiny?

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Destiny (real name Steven Bonnell) has been live for over a decade. Considered a “pioneer” for being one of the first content creators to make streaming a full-time job, he has spent a large part of his career streaming games. electronic like Starcraft and League of Legends.

While he continues to stream similar games to this day, Destiny’s popularity outside of Twitch circles happened in 2016 when he streamed a political debate with JonTron that has proven controversial. Since then, Destiny’s schtick has grown to include political commentary, including debates with other characters. Despite his roots as a gaming streamer and the fact that he often plays games while talking about politics, it’s hard not to think of him as one of the biggest political streamers on the scene.

Destiny’s Ban

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Despite streaming for a long time, Destiny has only been going through the process of being banned and unbanned from Twitch for the past three years. He’s been banned at least six times, with the first one occurring in 2018. Although it’s technically a suspension, Destiny is still punished by Twitch for using homophobic slurs. count.

When Twitch banned the streamer for the first time, it wasn’t the result of mass reports or any kind of controversy, but rather a minor violation of the platform’s terms and services. Destiny was banned for the first time for showing an offensive image of Alebrelle, another streamer. Although Destiny was disappointed with Twitch for his decision, the ban was short-lived and he overcame it.

Destiny’s third ban occurred less than two months later, on January 10, 2020. The rationale was similar to the justification for his first ban, but it felt smaller. He was banned for accidentally displaying porn thumbnails on his stream for a split second. He was banned again in May 2020 for a similar reason. Both bans last one day.

On April 30, 2021, he was banned again for something beyond his control. In a streamed discussion, he was talking about Hunter Biden’s alleged sex tape with an influencer who claimed to have access to the tape. At one point during the live stream, the influencer briefly displayed a frame from the tape, causing Destiny to breach Twitch Community Guidelines for clear content again.

In October 2021, Destiny is banned again, this time for understandable reasons in an age of concern about personal information. He read an email address on the stream during the infamous Twitch leak, which contained a list of the company’s email addresses.

Although Twitch ended its partnership with him for allegedly “indulging in political violence” on the platform and banned him four times, Controversial streamer still going strong. However, it might just be a case of luck on his part. Destiny is one of the earliest examples of profitable live streaming, and keeping him can benefit Twitch. That, along with the violations that were essentially the same and mild in retrospect, helped him stay on the platform.

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